Posted: July 12, 2010 in Devotional Thoughts

P90X Exercise Log-Book

Day 1: “Exciting first day! Slept in my workout clothes and started the program early this morning. Tough stuff, but I think I will enjoy it! I can’t wait to have a sculpted body that will rival the statue of David! Look out ladies!”

Day 2: “Rough morning. My body hurts from yesterday’s workout, but felt better after stretching. Ended a few minutes early, but soon I will be able to finish the whole work out!”

Day 3: “Started a little later today, and finished a little earlier.  But it’s only the third day, so I will get better (I hope). My muscles are really hurting today from the last two workouts. I think Tony Horton wants to kill me, but I won’t give in!”

Day 4: “Skipped workout today. Will start back tomorrow.”

Day 15: “I hope God forgives me for what I called both my alarm clock and Tony Horton today. My mother would be so ashamed…”

Day 20: “Haven’t worked out in a while, it has become more sporadic. Had time today, but it was my only workout this week. I think I’m falling off the bandwagon!”

Day 37: “Traded all but two discs of P90X to my roommate for his ipod.”

Day 112: “Came across those two discs. Haven’t worked out in months! Convinced myself to try it, but only made it through the first 25 minutes. Perhaps I’ll get back into a routine? We’ll see what I feel like tomorrow…”

We are all creatures of habit. Even the way we dry ourselves off when we step out of the shower every morning is the same routine! But this habit-forming ability is both a blessing and a curse. It benefits us when we develop healthy habits of regular exercise, but hurts us when we become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or pornography.

What part do our patterned practices play in our spiritual life? Most people who have walked away from God never intended to do so. They simply slept-in one Sunday here, skipped their Bible reading there, and forgot to do any praying in between. Over time, these “sometimes” occurrences became habits. It is a scary thing when we wake up Sunday morning and our natural response is to stay in bed. At this point, we have developed a habit, and this habit has slowly led us away from God.

I must constantly be aware of the habits I am forming in my spiritual life. Why do I read my Bible every night, even when I am tired? Is it out of duty? Do I think I will be struck by lightning if I skip a day? No, it is because I desire to form a healthy habit of seeking God every day. Habits have a way of becoming a natural part of who we are when practiced long enough. We must live wisely, since our actions today will form our habits of tomorrow.


“If you continue in My word, you really are my disciples.” John 8:31


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