“Lessons from Mini-Golf…”

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Devotional Thoughts

I can’t play real golf, but I’m pretty good at the kid’s version. I remember a mini golf course I went to with my family while on vacation. It was amazing! There were castles and pirate ships and windmills. It was like bringing my fantasy world to life (except the windmills)! By the time we got to the last hole the sun had set, shifting our surroundings into an ominous atmosphere.

The final hole consisted of a long stretch of turf leading up to a giant statue that looked like an ancient Mayan god. It consisted of a huge stone head, brooding down at any foolish mortal who might dare to shoot their ball down the turf into a small hole at the base. My family stepped up one at a time, each losing their ball to the cavernous gutter that surrounded the hole.

Then, it was my turn.

I figured you usually get a prize if you make the final shot (Rabbit Trail: The prize is always a pass for a free round of golf. “Hey kids, I know we’re only in Orlando for 3 days, but tomorrow we have to come back here so little Billy can cash in on his free game.” Yeah, right.). I looked around to see if anyone could see me, then I picked up my ball and ran down the turf.

I reached across the gutter and dropped my ball in the hole. Nothing happened. Maybe I just have to tell them on the way out and collect my prize? But how do I prove it? Disappointed, I turned and started to walk back. That’s when the ground began to tremble and the statue came to life! I heard a deep, rumbling voice boom from behind me. “Who disturbs my slumber?!” Help me mother.

I turned around and saw the eyes of the possessed statue glow red and watched steam start to rise from its gaping maw. Giving a frightened yelp, I started running for my life!  I was about half way back when the statue shot a stream of water from its mouth with the force of a fire hose! I fell to the ground, drenched, and crawled to safety, shivering and rocking in the fetal position.  Of course, my family (and every other golfer within 100 yards) was laughing hysterically! I had to ride back to the hotel soaking wet. I never did get my free game.

Like that deceptive stone face, people keep a whole lot hidden away.  Ask someone how they are doing and, more than likely, they will say “fine” even if their life is in shambles. Just like that statue, things may look great on the outside, but there is more brewing beneath the surface. We may only find out they are hurting once it all bursts forth!

Jesus had a way of seeing past the masks people wore. Whether it was Zacchaeus, the woman at the well,  or his own disciples, Jesus could always get past the defenses raised and reach their heart. Can God see deep into people’s lives? Does he know what we are struggling with? He does, and I believe he will guide us in our relationships with each other if we let Him. I don’t want to live life on a surface level, passing by people who may be teetering on the edge without any hope. It’s easy to live on the surface; it’s much harder to invest long term in someone’s life. Let’s ask God to help us look deeper and see people through the eyes of Jesus, because He will help us see people on a whole new level.

Come, see the man who told me everything I ever did! Could this be the Messiah?” -The Samaritan Woman (John 4:29)

  1. Lynn says:

    I know I’m not a “kid” but I hope you will allow me to hang out here anyway because I think I’m really “cool”. LOL. Love this blog, Mike! I hope one day you will blog about the seagull incident on the mission trip to Vancouver.

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