What’s behind door #1?

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Devotional Thoughts

When I was asked to join the youth on their annual Snowball Conference over New Years, I eagerly accepted. It would be great to invest in the younger generation, take in some solid teaching, and–I’ll be honest–show those kids that the College Pastor can bust a mean “Sprinkler” on the dance floor!

The only problem was that my friend Dave was passing through town and needed to crash at my place on New Year’s Eve. So we hatched a plan. I would leave an extra key above the door so he could let himself in when he got there. Simple, right? Wrong!

Dave arrived at my apartment around 4:00 AM. He found my key and tried it in the door. When it didn’t work on the first attempt, he assumed he had the wrong door. Turning around, he saw steps leading up to another door, and figured he would test that one. The key worked! The only problem was—it was the wrong house!

I live in a small apartment attached to a larger house. Although they are physically joined, they are completely separate living spaces. My aunt and uncle live in the other house. Why my key worked in their lock is a mystery, but Dave had just entered someone else’s home…and he had no idea.

Quickly glancing around, he saw a small staircase. Tired, and ready for bed, he scurried up the stairs and flipped the light on. That’s when he noticed the couple staring at him from the king-sized bed!

Awakened by the intruder, my blurry-eyed and confused uncle demanded that Dave identify himself. Poor Dave wasn’t aware that my trigger-happy uncle is from Texas, where they shoot first and ask questions later. Fortunately, however, he was able to blurt out my name before my uncle had found his gun! It was a night none of them will ever forget!

In life we often have the attitude, “If the door opens, go through it.” Christians talk all the time about God “opening doors” as they seek to follow His will. But what if God never actually opened that door in the first place? What if we were simply too impatient to wait for the first door, and so we left in search of another? Sadly, walking through the wrong door can often have serious consequences.

Maybe we too quickly walk away from unopened doors. Perhaps we are in the right place after all and the issue is timing. But if you’re anything like me, you hate waiting! It must have been very tempting for David when he faced a golden opportunity to kill Saul in that cave (1 Samuel 24). David was the rightful king, after all! But he didn’t do it.

Don’t assume God’s will is always the most readily available opportunity. Or that an obstacle means you are not where you should be. Be patient, prayerful, and wise, and God will lead you through the right doors.

“I waited patiently for the Lord, and He turned to me and heard my cry for help.” -David (Psalm 40:1)


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