Posted: June 7, 2011 in Video Clips

Communication is important, isnʼt it? However, we all seem to struggle with communication on many levels. We misunderstand messages from our friends, our boyfriend or girlfriend, our family members, etc. But missing a message can be disastrous, depending on the importance of the message! What might God want to say to you? How important is it that you “get it?” Luke 4:42-5:11 presents interesting contrasting stories. In one, people beg Jesus to stay with them when His mission is to go. In the other, Jesus asks some men to follow Him when their lives had always been planted firmly where they were. In both stories, Jesusʼ message to the people went against what came “naturally” to them. Are you hearing Jesusʼ message to you, or trusting in your own “common sense?” Before you can ever obey God you must first know what He is asking you to do.


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