the power of Confession…

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Video Clips

Isn’t it amazing how much of a grip the feeling of guilt can have on a person? It changes everything! We are constantly looking over our shoulder and it destroys even our closest relationships. My dad once told me “There is no greater feeling than having nothing to hide.” How true that is! Confessing your sin to God frees you up to move forward in your relationship with Him and He removes the guilt that weighs on us. It is humbling, but when we come to that place in life where the mask is off and we don’t mind people rummaging through our closet because we’ve dealt with the skeletons, that is true freedom. But staying quiet about our sin and trying to cover it up only eats away at us from the inside. I read this Psalm a couple weeks ago, and it rocked my world. I hope it does the same for you…

Psalm 32:1-6

“How happy is the one whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sin is covered! How happy is the man the Lord does not charge with sin, and in whose spirit is no deceit!

When I kept silent, my bones became brittle from my groaning all day long. For day and night Your hand was heavy on me; my strength was drained as in the summer’s heat.

Then I acknowledged my sin to You and did not conceal my iniquity. I said, ‘I will confess my transgressions to the Lord,’ and You took away the guilt of my sin.

Therefore, let everyone who is faithful pray to You at a time that You may be found. When the great floodwaters come, they will not reach him.”


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